AHCNECS, Jamaica

My objectives are:1. Offer community-based social services to the residents of Montego Bay and surrounding areas2. Use community tourism as a tool to sensitize the world about the reality of dementia and its impact on society3. Teach persons how to take care of persons living with dementia and other health conditions.  I would like to join the African Tourism Board because I believe the time has come for the diaspora to return “home” in terms of paying visits to African […]

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Honourable Edmund Bartlett, Minister of Tourism Jamaica

Recognized for his wide-ranging expertise and accomplishments in the political arena, Honourable Edmund Bartlett has given over thirty-five years of service to Jamaica, working in both chambers of Jamaica’s Parliament – the Senate and House of Representatives. Mr. Bartlett was first appointed Minister of Tourism in 2007, serving until December 2011. Prior to this appointment, he already had a solid track record of service as an outstanding legislator in central government in both Chambers of Parliament. He served as Minister […]

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