Amahoro Tours Responsible Tourism & Eco-Tourism in Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo

LITERALLY TRANSLATED, ‘‘AMAHORO’’ MEANS PEACE. IT’S NOT ONLY THE NAME OF OUR COMPANY, BUT ALSO OUR MOTTO Our fundamental aim here, at Amahoro Tours, is to promote local tourism. We do it with a view to not only contribute to the economic development of the region and the prosperity of all those involved, but also to raise awareness and help visitors understand our way of life. Come join us and enrich your experience with exciting cultural activities in the lush […]

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Kahuzi Biega National Park, Kinshasa, Dem Rep of Congo

Kahuzi Biega is world heritage site created in 1970 for the main purpose of protecting low land gorillas. Kahuzi-Biega National Park is divided into two zones connected by a narrow corridor: Rainforest Mountain (Afro-montane forest gold) on one hand, and the lowland rainforest (Guinea-Congo Relatively wet) on the other hand. It is a scarce African region where the transition entre thesis two kinds of rain forests remained largely intact. So far, over 1178 plant species-have been recorded at high altitude, […]

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Elvis Mutiri wa Bashara, Dem. Rep. of Congo

Elvis Mutiri wa Bashara was: Ministre du Tourisme Député national élu de la ville de Goma Vice-Président de l’Alliance pour le Développement et la République, ADR Democratic Republic of Congo former Minister Elvis Mutiri wa Bashara, the former Minister of Tourism and Culture launched his tourism book ” RDC: Investment Opportunities in tourism” on Friday 29 June at the Kempinski Hotel Fleuve Congo in Kinshasa in the presence of Minister Jean-Lucien Bussa, the Minister of State responsible for International Trade and […]

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