Hon. Jose Gonçalves, Minister of Tourism Cape Verde

Cape Verde Minister of Tourism and Transport, and Minister of Maritime Economy since January 2018, previous Minister of Economy and Employment1 for the period of April 20016 – December 2017, José Gonçalves is a Trade, Investment and Private Sector Development specialist with over 30 years of international experience in project and program development and management. Minister Gonçalves in charge of two ministries on two different islands is among the Cabinet’s senior ministers and oversees a portfolio of very important key […]

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Ministry of Tourism Cape Verde and Ministry of the Sea

The islands of Cape Verde are a unique and unforgettable destination. Blessed by the sun throughout the year, they have in Music and Culture a ritual that is part of the daily life of the inhabitants while involving the visitor in the incomparable mystique of the Archipelago. Only 4 hours away from Europe, the country enjoys a privileged location, which combines with the Tranquility of the territory, making this a destination not to be missed. Let yourself be enveloped by […]

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