Africa Tourism Day 2021: 26 Nov 2021

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The Africa Tourism Day is a FOCUS-ON-AFRICA annual country-specific rotational event celebrating Africa’s rich and diverse cultural and natural endowments whilst creating awareness on issues that are impeding development, progress, integration and growth of the industry and also formulating and sharing solutions and marshal plans to leapfrog the tourism industry in Africa.

This second edition will be hosted in Lagos Nigeria. The event which is designed to be rotational will afford host countries and regions the opportunity to showcase their unique tourism assets and attract tourists and investors on a continental and global level.

The Africa Tourism Day is an initiative of Desigo Tourism Development and Facility Management Company Limited, a destination management organisation (DMO) which is dedicated to develop and promote Nigeria and Africa’s tourism products through events, projects, tours etc. and also attract investments to the sector. The Africa Tourism Day event is in collaboration with one of Africa’s foremost tourism development and marketing organisations, the African Tourism Board.

The objective of the Africa Tourism Day is to focus inwards on the African Tourism sector. Whilst the world celebrates and highlights the importance of Tourism on the global level on World Tourism Day, Africa has no such designated day on the continent dedicated to tourism which is unarguably one of her major economic sectors hence the birth of AFRICA TOURISM DAY.

It will feature participation across countries and regions of Africa and will be hosted each year on a rolling basis across African countries. The event will be marked or celebrated annually with any or a mix of the following amongst others: high level engagements, speeches, webinars, tours, summits, events, carnivals, festivals, competitions, road shows, musical concerts, shows, conferences, investment forums, business networking events, trade exhibitions, goodwill messages, panel discussions, destination focused videos and events, cultural performances etc. We view the Africa Tourism Day in the light of the World Tourism Day which was initiated by Ignatius Amaduwa ATIGBI, a Nigerian and has been held and championed every year since 1980 by the UN World Tourism Organization UNWTO.

Friday, November 26, 2021
Duration  4 hours 30 minutes

00.00 am Hawaii
01.00 pm Alaska
0200 pm California | BC
03:00 am Colorado | Arizona }
04:00 am Mexico City | Illinois | Texas |
05.00 am New York | Florida | Colombia | Peru | Jamaica }
06.00 am Puerto Rico | Barbados
07.00 am Brazil | Argentina |
10.00 am UK | Portugal | Ghana
11.00 am Germany | Italy | Nigeria | Tunisia | Morocco
12.00 pm Greece | Egypt | Israel | Jordan | South Africa
01.00 pm Turkey | Saudi Arabia |  Kenya |
02.00 pm UAE | Seychelles
03.30 pm India
03.45 pm Nepal
04.00 pm Bangladesh | Bhutan
05.00 pm Thailand | Jakarta
06.00 pm China | Singapore | Malaysia | Bali
07.00 pm Japan | Korea
08.00 pm Guam
09.00 pm Sydney
11.00 pm New Zealand

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