AFEMNTO: Association of Former Employees of Moroccan National Tourist Office, Morocco

AFEMNTO (Association of Former Employees of Moroccan National Tourist Office) will contribute enormously to the effort of the African Tourism Board in promoting African tourism and culture globally.

AFEMNTO members are experienced professionals who cumulated extensive experience and knowledge throughout the years they spent in the Moroccan National Tourist Office communicating and promoting diversity of Morocco tourism products.

These resources are a huge asset that can benefit the African tourism and its institutions.

Jamal has been active in the tourism industry for over thirty years as a senior executive of the Moroccan National Tourist Office (MNTO). His various positions of responsibility both in Morocco and London allowed him to acquire extensive experience in the fields of marketing, communication, trade and public relations.

With his partners, he created ‘Stories From Morocco’ brand to promote Moroccan culture around the World.

Jamal is now an independent travel consultant, President of the Association of Former MNTO Employees, AITT (Association for International Travel and Tourism ) for North Africa, Turkey and the Middle East and is also Director of Isterlab Global Ltd UK.

Jamai Boujrad, president

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