We support the development of community tourism in Africa and internationally and educate all stakeholders of the importance to the cause of peace, poverty alleviation and sustainable development and offer local and foreign visitors diverse ‘community experience’ vacations and tours. Therefore, we sell peace through tourism package as a new paradigm.

Explain your objectives and why you wanted to join the AfricanTourismBoard.
• To promote partnerships with the public and private sector
• To educate and foster understanding of all community assets
• To serve as a meeting ground for practioners and stakeholders
• To encourage the economic development of a community
• To share the best practices and resources internationally of sustainable community tourism
• To provide resource information on funding agencies and organizations
• To foster peace and understanding through community initiatives
• To develop marketing strategies for communities
• To ensure the protection of community business interests and products
• To build capacity in sustainable community tourism promotion and development
• To represent community enterprises and assisting them to develop their vision
• To assist in the development and promotion of community tours
• To provide information for local and overseas visitors
• To facilitate investment and grant funding for community business projectsAfrica Community Tourism Network (ACTN) is committed to building a more responsible tourism sector in Africa, putting much of its emphasis in developing community tourism in Africa, encouraging Study Tours and vacations to discover Africa cultural heritage, encouraging Africa nations to make linkages with other countries where their heritage exists, creating economic opportunities to the local communities interested in investing in their communities through tourism products and activities.

ACTN is now associated with Countrystyle Community Tourism Network/Villages-as-Businesses (CCTN/VAB) and IIPT International Community Tourism Network, Caribbean will continue promoting the IIPT Peace Villages/Towns – particularly during this IIPT International Year of Community Tourism in collaboration with Countrystyle/Villages as Businesses. This is in partnership with IIPT Founder and President – Dr. Louis D’Amore ( and CCTN/VAB Founder and President – Diana McIntyre-Pike (

ACTN also empowers communities to become entrepreneurs through training, consultancy, and enables communities to realize their potential within their own environment. It also impacts African communities with the message of “Peace through Tourism.” This is to counter the impact of insecurity, poverty, disease and ignorance in Africa.

The International Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT) International Community Tourism Network, in association with Countrystyle Villages as Businesses, the University of the West Indies Open Campus, the Caribbean Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Livelihoods, Making Connections Work Ltd UK/Diaspora Connect 2022 and the YES Foundation, is hosting an International Community Tourism Conference and Study Tour November 12 – 15, 2018 at the UWI Mona Visitors’ Lodge, Kingston, Jamaica. Africa Community Tourism Network (ACTN) will be representing Africa. We also call for .