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Ada Tourism Stakeholders Association, Ghana

Written by Dmytro Makarov

Our Objectives

We exist as a community based association to coordinate, develop and promote sustainable tourism business units and practices, to enhance value for money experience to all visitors, to create job for community youth, and conserve nature and culture through effective leadership, professionalism and innovate and improve product and service offering.

Why we want to join

We believe unity is strength. As an initiative that is to benefit African continent we deem it crucial to associate ourselves in order to build a strong African brand that will help project Africa positively by also adding our little knowledge. Ada Tourism Stakeholders Association is an organization associated to the District Assembly for tourism development of the district.

It is made up of Touristtje following groups: boat operatives, hotel and restaurants, tour guides, tour operators, vegetables growers group, site attraction, artifact location rhum distillery.

We operate the Tourism Information Office to provide a comprehensive information about key tourism offering of the district and other parts of the country at no cost.

by Tete DayaTevi Djidjogbe L., Public Relations Officer

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