About African Tourism Board

Founded in 2018, the African Tourism Board an association that is internationally acclaimed for acting as a catalyst for the responsible development of travel and tourism to the African region.

The  African Tourism Board  (ATB) was founded by the  International Coalition of Tourism Partners (ICTP)  under Chairman Juergen Steinmetz and president Professor Geoffrey Lipman

After the launch in Cape Town on  April 11, 2019 the name “African Tourism Board” remains the brand of two independent entities working as one brand.

1) African Tourism Board  based in South Africa 
President: Alain St. Ange, VP: Cuthbert Ncube, CEO: Doris Woerfel  

2) African Tourism Board Marketing Corporation, based in USA
President: Juergen Steinmetz

African Tourism Board Members have access and can participate at services provided by the African Tourism Board Marketing Corporation.

Our Agenda

Specific Objectives

  • The African Tourism Board (ATB) is a global initiative to promote Africa as ONE tourist destination, partnering with key source markets around the world.
  • The primary agenda of ATB is to position Africa as a leading tourism destination through strategically integrated tourism development and marketing.
  • The ATB develops and markets of the continent of Africa through effective branding, marketing and infrastructure development in collaboration with the public and private sector.
  • The ATB philosophy is grounded in unity, development, job creation and growth through tourism.
  • The ATB provides to its members leadership and counsel to the public and private sectors on an individual and collective basis.

Our Objectives

  • With our two independent, yet cohesive divisions, the ATB Association for our members in Africa ,and the US based ATB Marketing Corporation, our collective primary objective is to facilitate and advance the development of policy, strategic, legal, green, sustainable and responsible tourism throughout the African continent. Fully taking into consideration job creation, natural and cultural resources. Our key focus is promoting unity and the removal of barriers between African tourism destinations.
  • To produce market research to facilitate intelligent regional tourism product development and planning.
  • To promote and facilitate the movement and flow of tourists into the continent, applying the necessary regional or national policies and mechanism, which facilitate the liberalization of trade in tourism services.
  • To facilitate a community and rural-based tourism industry (RBT) and culture throughout the continent.
  • To develop, coordinate and facilitate tourism marketing and related promotional opportunities into the continent, including internal and external collaboration, mutual marketing programs, and utilization of awareness of the continent’s quality, as a sought-after and safe tourist destination.
  • To facilitate and implement international and continental transport, tourism training and accommodation classifications.
  • To assist, consult and train with safety and security related issues, provide training, consulting and access to a rapid response system .

Our Projects

  • The ATB Marketing Corporation provides opportunities for marketing, PR, branding, event, trade show participation, networking events and promotions. Ask us how you can unite with us.
  • The goal of African Tourism Board is to support responsible and sustainable socio-economic tourism development projects for Africa as one destination in the fields of leadership development, education, information, digital/online learning programs, skills development, capacity building, fundraising, and investment facilitation.
  • Marketing projects are provided by members and for members in Africa and the international source markets.
  • The African Tourism Board is strong partner and supporter of all African tourism board initiatives.
  • African Tourism Board projects are available to members based on a cost sharing model.
Alain St. Ange, President
Cuthbert Ncube, Vice President
Doris Woerfel, CEO
Juergen Steinmetz, Chairman