From the CMCO, Jürgen Steinmetz

Many of you know me as the Publisher of eTurboNews. African Tourism Board started with an idea. The idea developed into a project and grew way beyond this in a very short time frame.

I am so proud to witness and be part of the amazing progress of this new organization and hear the excitement among our motivated team and members. This excitement is echoed across the African continent and beyond.

I am also so grateful to my all African colleagues on the Executive Board allowing me to stay on as your CMCO.

We are inviting members to present projects and ideas to us and will be introducing communication groups.

I am also excited to announce the creation of African Tourism and Convention Marketing (ATCM). It’ a U.S. based corporation with a majority African ownership offering exclusive marketing, project and outreach services to ATB members.

ATCM is ready to work with interested members and qualified experts to develop the best approach available and develop as well as implement projects that directly increase tourism business to Africa from source markets around the globe.

Get ready for the ride!
Thank you
Jürgen Steinmetz, Chief Marketing and Communication Officer
[email protected]

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