Rainmaker Digital, Namibia

The VISTA Destination Network Open Platform and ECO-System creates competitive advantages for the local in-destination Hospitality, Activity and Tourism Businesses in Africa. By seamlessly connecting all in-destination businesses and stakeholders seamlessly in terms of rich content (Descriptions, Amenities, Facilities, Rates, Room, Room Types, Terms & Conditions, Specials, Images, Videos, 360° Virtual Tours etc.) and business transactions (Check Availability, Check Rates, Create/Change/Delete Bookings) in real-time.

With this, the local in-destination businesses can further leverage of their local in-destination skills, knowledge, and experience and compete on a quality of service and trust level against global giants.

The goal of such a destination network is to keep more tourism spent in the respective destination by democratizing technology and make this technology available to the many small, medium and independent businesses in a destination.

We offer this open platform to Tourism Boards, Umbrella Tourism Boards and Hospitality Associations in a Public Private Partnership.


by Thomas Mueller
Founder & CEO



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