Help Wanted

Jobs available at African Tourism Board

ATB Membership Sales

African Tourism Board is looking for sales agent in all countries and regions.
You will play an essential role to help us grow our organization TO MAKE AFRICA ONE DESTINATION 

You will be paid:
15% for the first 2 members
20% once you sign up 3 members
25% once you sign up 5 or more members
30% once you sign up 10 or more members within 1 year
35 % once you sign up 25 or more members within 1 year
40% once you sign up  50 or more members within 1 year
45% once you sign up 100 or more members within 1 year
50% once you sign up 250 or more members within 1 year

Membership options click here

Marketing Project Sales

African Tourism Board Marketing will offer a list of projects designed to promote Africa as ONE destination.


Projects include

  • Roadshows
  • Tradeshow Pavilions
  • Events
  • PR & Marketing Outreach
  • Seminars
  • Safety and security training

and much more.
Your job would be to discuss projects with members and have them participate. Compensation is different for every project.