Doris Wörfel, CEO, South Africa

Doris Wörfel, CEO, South Africa

It is a great pleasure for me to announce the launch of the African Tourism Board and its marketing company, African Tourism and Convention. Africa has long been waiting for an institution that connects the public sector with the private sector to facilitate, advance and promote tourism growth and development on a Continental level.

African Tourism Board was soft-launched in April 2019 at WTM Africa in Cape Town, and since then has been restructured by a new strategic framework:

ATB is an Africa-based company to benefit Africa and its people and is perfectly positioned to provide the strategic platform for any topics of common interest relating to the tourism sector.

The aim of the African Tourism Board is not only to further grow and sell well-known and established tourism destinations, but also to benefit the many underdeveloped regions with the highest tourism potential.

Strategic partnerships between private sectors are the key for ATB to sustainable growth and development in the African tourism sector to improve the livelihood of African people by job creation.

A unique tool adds more value to ATB: To productively promote Africa to the Global Source Markets, the African Tourism Board is affiliated with the marketing orientated company, “African Tourism and Convention Marketing” to implement events, programs and projects related to promoting tourism on the Continent.

Join us on the journey to become this unique, extraordinary, and fascinating Continent ONE Tourism Destination of Choice in the World! I am looking forward to welcoming you on Board!

Doris Wörfel, Chief Executive Officer

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