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After spending nearly two decades as an Executive Vice President of Marketing in the multifamily commercial real estate industry, I chose to pursue a life of international travel, volunteering my skills and experience to help develop various NGO’s and charities around the globe. My extensive background of creative advertising, market research and strategic relationship building has been able to universally translate through cultures, continents and industries.

Passion and advocacy for the travel industry, particularly responsible tourism, developed during my role as a Public Awareness Director for an environmental conservation project in Greece. Valuable insight was gained orchestrating a collaboration of various stakeholders of local, national and international private and government organizations to Through this proven model, the direct marketing advantages and profitable impact of a business’s commitment to corporate social responsibility within the tourism sector were easily realized.

Through later years of experience working in East Africa, as a consultant to various sectors in the tourism industry, I have gained extensive exposure and connections within the African Tourism Industry.

Having created successful marketing strategies and operational oversight for safari-based businesses, the primary focus has always incorporated the development of corporate social responsibility models and sustainable tourism. The objective is to raise awareness, industry standards and increase market share with direct consumer and agent partnerships for both the private sector and destinations collectively.

We are now actively organizing the promotion of corporate social responsibility programs and sustainable tourism certifications between key tourism stakeholders throughout East Africa.

I am confident my participation on this board would be an asset to help grow the organization.

All About Africa
by Melissa Foley


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