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Our company develops digital solutions for Chinese tourists. A digital Marketing application that gives to countries, cities, regions, merchants a big visibility in China and digital mobile payment applications to facilitate the payment process for the Chinese visitors.
The solutions we develop help to increase in a spectacular manner the number of visitors from Chine. We are in partnership with the company that deploys these solutions in Europe with a remarkable success.

Our objective is to help to attract and serve the Chinese (individuals and small groups) tourists with a high purchasing power in Africa by deploying digital solutions with valuable services to the potential visitors, such as :

– To make them discovering the destination while they are still at home
– To help them to prepare for their trip in details and to have useful information
– To have all the information, once at destination, about the points of interest, maps, address etc.
– To be secure during the travel as they do not need to bring cash, they pay using their mobile phones
– To avoid misunderstandings and mistakes as they pay in their one currency
– To get instantly the Tax Refund…

We are a company based in Casablanca with a staff of 10 people working on digital, marketing and monetary technologies. We are in partnership with a company deploying with a lot of success these solutions in Europe.

We can bring added value to tourism in Africa and also to your organization as our services can be valued by you with your members.

We keep at your disposal for further information or to set up a meeting.

Best regards
Taoufiq El Amrani

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