Africa Tourism Initiatives, South Africa

Africa Tourism Initiatives is an African company born out of the need to promote business within Africa. At Africa Tourism Initiatives we offer a broad range of bespoke services ranging from travel services to company representation to business consultancy. Our African network of contacts and partners enables us to offer services tailored to your individual needs. We are the Africa specialists in connecting people. Our purpose is simple – to be your best friend. We are here to do what best friends do. We are delighted to achieve the status of “Best Friend” to you. And we promise to be the “Best Friend” you will go to for the following:

  • Tourism initiatives in Africa
  • Destination Experience Representation
  • Facilitation
  • Travel
  • Development and
  • Growing relationships

Bukky Enuha was born in Lagos State, Nigeria. She graduated Cum Laude Honors with a degree in Arts from Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria. She is the co-founder of Africa Tourism Initiatives, a tourism development, and marketing firm based in South Africa. She is also the brain behind the recently introduced “ Tourism In Africa Blog”.

Bukky has a Master in Business Administration from Lagos State University with focus on Marketing Management; and Executive Management Certificates from School of English, London as well as Project Management from the University of South Africa.

In 2006, she relocated to South Africa to join Bellview Airlines as Marketing & Communications Manager. She has well over a decade of experience in the tourism field working with tourism businesses, governments, destinations, parks, and tourism associations.

She is a Fellow of Institute of Tourism Professional, Nigeria, Institute of Public Relations, South Africa – Nigeria Chamber of Commerce, Business Women Association of Southern Africa (BWASA), and Serendipity Worldwide Travel Group amongst others.

Goal for ATB:

To share knowledge and information with other member businesses and promote a stronger sense of community cooperation within Africa.
Africa Tourism Initiatives is a tourism development and marketing firm based South Africa.



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