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Travel with heart with Abang Africa Travel. Because we, as you do, believe in a world of opportunity. A world where travelers care about having a positive impact on their destination and where their visits benefit the local communities and nature. That is our mission and vision for our tours in Southern Africa from Cape Town to the Victoria Falls.

Travel with soul with Abang Africa Travel. Each traveler’s soul craves new experiences. Gone are the days of passive sightseeing. Today’s traveler wants, needs experiences that add extra value to their holiday. Through our contacts with local communities we are in a unique position to provide these. Whether it is a visit to a local chief in Swaziland, a community tour on foot or with a bicycle, an overnight stay with a Zulu family or in a township, a cooking lesson from an African mama – or whether you want to go volunteering from one day up to several months. Or maybe you want to make a walking safari in a game reserve, drive a 4×4 through truly remote places, ride a pony in Lesotho, do an evening jazz tour in Cape Town, make a graffiti-and-art tour in Jo’burg or join a workshop in Swaziland? We know how to nurture your travelers’ soul and how to offer pure, unique and unforgettable sustainable travel itineraries throughout Southern Africa. Responsible Tourism in a fun, honest and pure way without having to compromise on quality, content and budget.

Walk the walk with Abang Africa Travel. So what makes Abang Africa Travel different from other agencies since there is a lot of talk about Sustainable Tourism, Responsible Tourism and Fair Trade? As Abang Africa Travel we do not just talk the talk, we walk the walk. We are – probably – the world’s most accountable incoming tour operator as far as Responsible Tourism is concerned. Because we want you and your clients to be able to check that we are committed to responsible and sustainable tourism. We have been audited and certified by Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa (www.fairtourism.org.za) and are an officially approved member. And are allowed to organize Fair Trade Holidays. We are (so far) the only TopMember of TheCode in South Africa. We are proud partners with the Tourism Enterprise Partnership (www.tep.co.za) and with Open Africa (www.openafrica.org).
We have our own Abang Africa Trust where we redistribute up to 10% of our profit to local communities and initiatives.
Last but not least Abang Africa is the first inbound tour operator in the world to receive the Travelife responsible tourism certification.

So why not choose Abang Africa Travel as a partner? Because we believe that holidays that are pure, fun and cost-effective are not only possible but feasible. Because we believe in Travel with Heart and Soul!

by Henko Wentholt




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