From the Chairman, Cuthbert Ncube

From the Chairman, Cuthbert Ncube

It is a New Dawn for the Continent as we usher in the voice of Africa by Africa in Africa 

It’s the birth of the African Tourism Board (ATB)  whose mandate is to drive the vision and the aspirations of more than 1,323,568,478 people in Africa.

ATB is ready to represent more than 54 Nations whose pride is vested on its untapped resources. Africa arises and synergies your efforts.

ATB is officially at your disposal as the only tool and voice that will unify our efforts and bring hope and change to the masses through sustainable tourism projects.

As we embark on this journey I am honored to be working with a team who have vested their energy and expertise with a wealth of experience in the Travel and Tourism sector in fulfilling the objectives of ATB.

May I take this time to invite our strategic partners, Affiliate Members, and all Tourism Bodies across the continent to join hands with us as we fulfill the mandate of people.

Leading ATB as the Chairperson my mandate is to serve with humility and uncompromising the integrity of our diverse societies, my conviction is ATB in Africa for Africans by Africans together we can go a long way yet segmented we might go faster and limit our destinations.

Cuthbert Ncube, chairman

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